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[13 Nov 2004|01:54pm]

[ mood | scared ]

wow, not much happens here, huh? XD Something needs to happen here.
Seriously. Is anyone there anymore?

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[07 Nov 2004|07:25pm]

Hey everyone, I just joined here. Is anyone here still active? The last post was in October, but I figured I'd join anyways. Add me and I'll add you back. If you wanna talk on msn then add kaitoridawa@hotmail.com

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[16 Oct 2004|05:01pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I just joined here....I like Lain, but I don't get it all the time. It's a bit confusing. XD

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[20 May 2004|09:25pm]

Holy moly...is anyone here? Hello?

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so.. [03 Dec 2003|09:34pm]

Anything new?

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Grave of the fireflies Review [30 May 2003|08:31pm]

since were supposed to do reviews, ill do one real quick.

Grave of the fireflies sets itself during the time of WWII, and is about the story of this young teenage boy, and his younger sister. Orphaned, they must find a way to survive.
Storyline: To start off, this movie is not a story, no, to say, its more like a tale. This anime is no journey explaining itself and the characters in it slowly, no, this is a simple and swift tale, but what made me fall in love with this anime was the emotion. This movie is all about greif. The entire movie, every scene, wants you to cry, sometimes in anger, happiness, fear, but mostly sadness. The movie quickly has you become attached to the two main characters, without giving much, if any, detail on them. I have not heard of many war-type es-que movies that base itself on the citizens of the warring countries. The lil girl, Setsuko, elevated the stories emotion, with how she reacts to her situation. Setsuko, in a sense, to me,was to show complete innosense. Watching something so pure, so untainted, going through all of these conditions, and still looking forward and abstaining from crying, was incredible.
Grade: A, revolutionary, beautiful, but loss of depth.
Music: Perfect for the film. The music seem to be that of what you would find in a childs jewelry box. It only depressed the mood of the story that much more.
Overall: B, incredible, but the movie lacked alot of it.
Animation: Definetly shounen style. Although the texture lines were not as deep and sharp as, say, Jin-roh, but more delicate and soft, but not to soft, jsut balancing itself away from shoujo style.
Grade: B- No matter what I do, i just cant get into the old style of animation.
Final Grade: B, like i said, beautiful, revolutionary, and incredibly moving. Definite pickup.

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[29 May 2003|08:18pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

ok, im going to add in this really in depth anime review (i think im the only one left in this place "sniff") on grave of the fireflies on friday, but until then ^_^

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>.O [11 May 2003|07:38pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

hey guys, just wanted to drop in an entry, i cant wait till free gets us off the ground ^__________^

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background music [09 May 2003|11:09am]

[ mood | good ]

Any suggestions for music? I've figured out how to do it, now I just need the url for the uploaded music (when we get some uploaded somewhere). I hear Switch has a killer collection of mp3s...

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in the beginning there was... [06 May 2003|10:53pm]

Ok, I set up a community for us all. It looks pretty crappy right now, so if someone would care to do something with it (SomeTaco?), you are more than welcome to. PM me at Anime League and let me know.


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